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Hexacon Level Check Wave Soldering Gauge
Hexacon Level Check Wave Soldering Gauge



The Lev Chek solder wave gauge is used on wave soldering equipment to monitor soldering quality factors including flux coverage, wave shape, wave turbulence and conveyor leveling to enable process calibration and optimization.

The specially tempered glass panel has heat resistant gauge markings are printed in 1/2" or 1" grid 
patterns on the upper surface. Custom grid patterns available upon request.

Edge brackets are available to convert panels to 1/16" where necessary to fit holding fixtures. 

They also align the bottom surface of the gauge to the same level as that of the PWB.

Lev Chek is easy to use. The basic principle is to simulate all conditions; fluxing, preheating, conveyor speed, etc as close as possible to your own production process.

The gauge size should be close to that of the printed wiring board and the same or narrower than 
the width of the solder wave. Several standard sizes and custom dimensions are available.

The tempered glass is designed for normal wave soldering temperatures and when used as recommended 
will not break from the heat of the molten solder.

Lev Chek is a precision tool; its flatness 
tolerance of 0.0003 inch per linear inch is essential to its function.

1. Stationary - briefly stopping the conveyor with the Lev Chek gauge centered across the solder 
wave within the marked gauge lines.

2. Dynamically - a fast qualitative method to identify the uniformity of solder seep across the 
entire width of the contact surface.

Leveling adjustments should be made if the observed width is not uniform. The contact time between 
the PWB and solder can be readily determined by observing the depression width of the wave and the conveyor speed.


Part ID  Dimensions  Grid Format
LC-304 3" x 4" x 1/16" 1/4" parallel
LC-610 6" x 10" x 1/8" 1/2" parallel
LC-810 8" x 10" x 1/8" 1/2" parallel
LC-811 8" x 11" x 1/8" 1/2" parallel
LC-1210 12" x 10" x 1/8" 1"square
LC-1510 15" x 10" x 1/8" 1"square
LC-1218 12" x 18" x 3/16" 1"square
LC-125 1/8" bracket 4 pack
LC-187 3/16" bracket 4 pack


Lev Chek [LC-1210] $112.88 Quantity :
Brackets 4 pk [LC-125] $32.93 Quantity :
Lev Chek [LC-810] $79.73 Quantity :


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